Twenty Eighteen


It’s a New Year but I’m still in the fog of the old one thanks to a nasty bout of tonsillitis, coupled with a very excited toddler who won’t sleep and some horrible news of terminal illness in the family, I’m pretty glad 2017 is over. Tomorrow I’m hoping to get back to work as I have a busy January plus the dreaded tax return.

This year I’m planning on writing more on this blog, i’ve got very lazy with it and it’s a crucial part of my work, to think and make and write it all down. I’d also like to get back into making a daily sketchbook. I think as the next six months will be spent on a community residency and project managing an arts in health project, there might not be much room for making my own work so here are two ways where I can keep in touch with that.  I will write a bit more about the two projects I’m working on too, they are both really exciting and I can’t wait to share them.

The third thing I have been thinking a lot about is what I want to focus my year on. The last two years since I returned to work after maternity have focussed on revisiting my training in textiles. I’ve learned how silk is made from cocoon to cone, how to create Bojagi textiles, shibori and slow stitching and made my own wrapping cloths. I’ve spent over a year learning natural dyeing processes which I’ve used in my exhibiting practice and have set up a simple process in the studio to accommodate hot and cold dyes. At last November’s Open Studio I made a large batch of indigo resist wrapping cloths and I think now is the time to develop a full collection. This year I want to learn some new skills particularly around paper stencil making for paste resist dyeing as well as Japanese wood block printing and Chine Colle so I hope to take some classes at Northern Print later in the year. I will also be running my own workshops throughout the year in a few different locations across Newcastle and Gateshead. It’s actually so refreshing to be hitting the ground running in New year, it can be a very depressing time and for me being busy and having the opportunity to be making is the best way to get through it.

h a p p y   n e w   y e a r


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