New Exhibition: Shifting Boundaries



9 Sept – 12 Nov 2017

Mirror Gallery, South Hill Park, Ringmead, RG12 7PA

Shifting Boundaries is a collaboration between visual artists Yvette Hawkins and Judith Davies. Working together over a one year period, Hawkins and Davies have developed a visual dialogue pushing the boundaries of materials by adopting an experimental approach to making. This has resulted in the realisation of a body of new work exploring the material processes of their individual textiles, ceramics and drawing practice.

Using raw materials collected from South Hill Park grounds, Berwick upon Tweed and North East England, where the artists are based, the work brings to light the use of boundary on a physical and geographical scale as well as exploring the boundaries between Hawkins textile and Davies ceramic practice. Working across scale, touch and colour the work finds a meeting point where both materials co-exist. This is reflected through a new site specific commission made in collaboration alongside drawings, ceramics, textiles and artist books.

Both artists have used soils, clay, wood and plant material to create pigment and dyes collected from the natural environment to determine the colour throughout the exhibition.



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