Katazome dyeing from Japan


At open studios I wanted to trial the idea of making some wrapping cloths as an alternative to Christmas gift wrap. I had some fat quarters of Japanese fabric so made some up and they were a hit! In fact they sold out hurrah! 

Wrapping cloths are historically used in Asia. Japan and Korea both have an established culture of giving gifts wrapped in cloth. It goes further in that giving gifts in certain colours is crucial at certain events. I find this ritualistic giving really interesting and I definitely think the idea of a recycled wrapping cloth that can be reused is brilliant! 

The fabric I used was cotton Katazome – which is a type of dyeing using rice paste resist and paper cut stencils. I was really excited to learn this was how kimonos were originally printed. I’m now obsessed with this technique which sadly is quite ancient and isn’t used much anymore… actually that’s what’s made it more exciting. So after much research I have gathered the materials to experiment with dyeing my own Katazome fabric.

In the meantime I made some new wrapping cloths which will go on sale in my shop later this week!

Have a look at my new shop, I’m slowly adding items to it. Let me know what you think? 


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