Lost Territories


I’ve had a really old folded paper experiment that I made years ago on my studio wall that I haven’t done anything with. It’s just been sitting there after I found it recently and I really want to go back and look at it again, take it a bit further.

lost territory

I played around with stitching territory lines into my map tessellations with thread to indicate places I had lived. In that series, each map represented a location I had lived marking out 43 abodes from birth until 2011 in red thread. I’m interested in territories and the idea that my interests are delving more into the borderless and hybridity of investigating two countries and so I’m ¬†revisiting the thread map grids.

This work eliminates the found maps I had used before. There is a lostness within them. The folded 3dimensional structures indicate a topography which hold the grids in space.


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