South Korea Research Visit

EXHIBITION, Research, South Korea

I have some exciting news to share. My application to the Artist International Development Fund has been successful and I’m going to visit South Korea in the Autumn with Ben Freeth to research a new collaborative piece of work making a new sculptural sound work. This round of funding prioritised applications to South Korea so it seemed silly not to apply! Luckily I did, because it’s all really happening.

Ben is a digital and sound artist who I have collaborated with on a number of projects so it will be great to reconnect our practices together again. Our collaborations tend to focus on our interest in bringing together my interest in traditional craftsmanship, my multi-cultural heritage and contemporary sculpture with Ben’s practice of digital media technologies and sound works. This trip will allow us to explore our interest in borderless hybrid cultures to make a new exhibition next year.

Symphony_of_Atlas_03 (1)Symphony of Atlas – Ben Freeth & Yvette Hawkins // The Library of Birmingham

In addition to this, I will be reconnecting with my Korean family after a 30 year hiatus. What a colossal thing to do! It is sad that I will not have the chance to meet my mother again after she died a few years ago but I feel this is a big step to rediscover my mother’s family. Who knows where this trip will take me, but it’s going to be an interesting ride!



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