Sketchbook experiments


Since we welcomed out beautiful daughter to the world back in April, I’ve been having a break from work but have had lots of time to think about the future and life as an artist mother.  In one sense it’s given me loads of time to reflect (ok not loads) but also it comes with the challenge of balancing my new role with my old one.  What do I want to do next and how does that fit into our new life?

One of the things I’ve been doing is making drawings and experiments here and there in a sketchbook. I haven’t used this format since my MFA.  I don’t usually keep a sketchbook as I’m used to just messing about with stuff in the studio, where the studio is my sketchbook…but this was really convenient and something I could do during naps and feeds.  It currently lives in the nappy drawer where I can steal a few minutes to make some notes.  

These drawings are an extension of the silk worm works I made last year and are the current thinking around the nomadic nature of how the silk worm makes their home anywhere. A refugee, forced out of their natural habitat by the human hand and industrial material export.  What parallels that lie with the current situation in Calais are coincidental, but I can’t deny that it is on my and I’m sure many other peoples minds.

Infinity drawing in graphite  
  Loom knitted wire

Dropped thread 


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