Two Exhibitions: Forty Three Houses And A Ford Escort & Casing In


I have two exhibitions coming to Queens Hall Arts Centre in Hexham.  They are both restaging’s of work I have made in the past three years.  For me, this will be an interesting way to review and reflect on what I’m trying to say about the nomadic nature of my past and where I can take this in the future.  The fact that it opens a week before I have a baby I think is very appropriate too.  I’m consciously aware that having a baby is going to change my practice even more, but I’m looking forward to this journey.

I’m working with Globe Gallery to bring the work together in a way that makes sense.  I’ll write a bit more about my past dwellings which relate to the map work in future posts.  In the meantime here are the details of the exhibition…


Forty Three Houses and a Ford Escort & Casing In

Saturday 18 April – Sunday 24 May
Free Entry
Queens Hall Arts Centre
Beaumont Street
NE46 3LS

Yvette Hawkins brings together two exhibitions which addresses the temporal nature of a nomadic life. In Forty Three Houses and a Ford Escort, a series of folded maps portray a biographical chronology of the artists homes and temporary abodes spanning two nations: South Korea & UK. The use of map folding references the act of locating and placing, linking the paper artefact to the physical world.

Photo 01-07-2014 10 02 50

Casing In depicts a series of insect damaged books mended using the unique spinning process of the silk worm. Yvette observed the nature of spinning silk cocoons over the pages and covers creating a new home for them to mend and occupy. The title ‘Casing In’ alludes to the technical term a bookbinder uses to ‘case in’ or glue a book block of sewn pages to its hard backed cover. In this same way the silkworms are encasing themselves and the pages of the book into a new abode.


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