I tried a few tests in the space today of the yellow knots.  First by tipping them out of the yellow Ikea bag and seeing how they arranged themselves.  The bigger bundles felt lost amongst the small and the lines didn’t really draw attention to the knots, just lines everywhere!  So I fished out all the really big bundles and played around with the knots placing them in a line at first and then adding to it.  Coming out of the wall wasn’t doing much for me either – I felt that it became about the site, which just didn’t work for me.

Later, after some frustration I threw them all down and used the sweeping brush to push them all together – I had spent two hours picking them up, putting them down – but then it all seemed to come together and I really like the way they arranged themselves from the sweeping which gave it some sort of chaotic order.


There are a couple of different fabrics which I dyed here and I like the slight variation in how the dye has taken to them.  So today I rummaged through the remnants basket at Fewnicks habadashery to try and get some different weights of white cloth that I could dye.  If I had thought about it sooner I think it would also have been nice just to go through all the charity shops and collect yellow fabric, like bed sheets and duvet covers to cut up.



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