I started to dye some fabric and play around with bundling them up.  I had some which i filled with stuffing but I don’t like that as much.  I think the most successful ones are where I’ve focused on the tying knots and creating creases.  Thinking about the Susan Hiller canvas blocks where the material became the object, it makes sense that there is no object inside because the most interesting thing for me is the creases and folds.



This cloth was dyed yellow and put into a bath of starch.  I have left it to dry on a piece of paper.. I think the ink may come out on the paper which could be nice.  Yellow symbolises protection and earth in Korean culture, which is the reason I chose that colour to dye the fabric.  However I also dyed some swatches to see colours next to each other.  These patches had been starched and left to dry in the sun.


The stack feels rough like paper and I think I like it as an object, I don’t think I will iron the creases out.


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