Perfomative Acts of Making and Doing


Continuing with the idea of the imprint onto cloth and the actions of making, I decided to try scaling up and cover the floor of the awkward space in the B39 studios and spray starch the creases that had formed after I placed or dropped the fabric there. I asked Dawn to film and we had a conversation about how I might do it.  Being a non- performer I didn’t want to place too much emphasis or think too much about the motions I would use to make this piece because it was about my normal processes and using the footage to later reflect on this.  However this was a bit of a problem when they translated onto film because Dawn didn’t know (and I didn’t know) where i would move or what I would do next, so filming/photographing was difficult for her.  Later on I started to move slower and we communicated how I might spray and then remove the cloth, but i think this took away from the original idea and things became too rehearsed.




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