Performance Ring


One of the architects who are based in one of the studios at BALTIC 39 came in to talk to me about a commission idea that had been based on seeing the score // sculpture I’d presented at the Shy Tworls exhibition.  Stuart Palmer could see architectural qualities in the piece (something I have been interested in exploring further, independent of our conversations) and asked if I was interested in collaborating on a performance ring for So Festival.

It’s interesting that again performance is drifting into my work (and so soon after the visual score project).  Last year I had also worked with a theatre company producing set design for a new play.  Even the acts of making (to me) feel performative, not in the sense of performing for an audience, but perhaps more along the lines of ritual // action // routine // discipline // refining craft.  I’m not sure if these ideas can feed back into the work I’m doing on the MFA but working with architects alongside their specific skills in structural engineering and building knowledge could be very good for me.

I went away and tried a few things out… finding that on one level, for instance with the score, I was trying to get away from the rigidity of the structure – to find imbalance and unpredictability with a work.  Now I was returning to all of those things because I needed it to do something for purpose or function.  After much discussion, we chose one of the simplest designs and asked David Bilbrough to photograph it for the proposal.


01020305 0302






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