Madsen Project Development


I started thinking about the Madsen commission this week and have made a number of decisions.  I wanted to find the insect that made the perforations in the books, which turned out to be called book worms (!) who would have thought it?  I think perhaps the best way to go is to try out a few different things and see what happens.  Hopefully lots of things will happen and I don’t want to think about what if everything fails and I have nothing for the exhibiton (somehow I don’t think I can get away with ‘but the worms ate all my homework).  So I bought a womery so I could try feeding some worms some damp paper, books and soil.

Turns out the best thing I could do is just go down to the pet shop and speak to the shopkeeper who recommend I try meal worms who will eat paper too, so I bought a bag of them along with some worms from a fishing shop.



After stumbling across this incredible project by MIT, I decided I wanted to work with silk worms and to spin cocoons over books.  I’m excited about this the most, because it is the one that relates closest to the work I’m making in the studio: the wrapping, the preservation, the protection.



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