Fold, Rip.


2014-02-02 13.47.31    2014-02-02 13.49.27


I ended up ripping the folded piece of paper because of the weight and tension that the paper goes through when it is folded back and forth, back and forth.  So now there are two scores… well one in two parts.  I’ve been given the far right wall to hang my piece from.  At first I had the idea of suspending them in front of a large light box, because I like the scores in the paper more than I like the folds and I wanted to have them projected.  I liked the idea of folding the whole thing and then unfolding it and just having the light catch the lines.  When I tried a test piece on an A4 sized light box I had it just didn’t work so I’m going to have directional lighting instead.




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