Folding in Progress



After much deliberation about the score, thinking about space and form and how the musicians could interpret any interactions I make I have decided to make a tessellated folded drawing.

One of the things Ed mentioned at our meeting and also through subsequent emails is the distance between the visual artist and the musician.  That I, untrained in traditional music making of any kind, would have a completely different approach to ‘composing’ the musical score.  But I cannot, not consider their interaction.  I’m second guessing of course, but it still guides any decisions I make.

I spoke to my partner Ben, a musician and asked how he might read some of my fold compositions.  Where I see lines, breaks, stops starts, he sees squiggles, beats, rhythm, sharp notes.  It gave me confidence.


Thinking about scale – something I haven’t explored with any folded work I have done.  I decided to work as big as I could… and ended up relaxing (using water to relax the rolled sheet of paper) a 2 metre x 1 metre sheet.



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