Arborescent // Visual Score Project


In December I was commissioned by Ed Carter to produce a visual score for his project Arborescent. Inspired by the composer Iannis Xenakis the project brings together visual artists and musicians to make experimental music and imagery.

I met Ed in Pink Lane Coffee Shop.  We both knew each other by reputation and had both received commissions for the Cultural Olympiad in 2011 but hadn’t met in person before. Upon meeting he bought me a coffee, always a good start.  We talked in detail about his idea and project and how he thought my paper installations would make for an interesting score.  I asked what he had seen (of my work) before and he recalled an installation I made at Globe Gallery in 2010.

I showed him a score I had made recently with Ben Freeth based on a suitcase belonging to the composer Granville Bantock bequeathed to the Library of Birmingham.  He was unaware of this work and it made me wonder again about sound and where it could sit within my practice, how it seemed to be an option to revisit.  I took this as some sort of sign and agreed to the project.


 I did some research on visual scores before our meeting, mostly a google search and created a Sound board on Pinterest.  



My first thoughts were to think about the piece sculpturally.  What little I knew of visual scores, were that they were mostly 2Dimensional imagery or graphics and I wanted to think about the space too, as this seemed quite important.  


The score (alongside two other visual scores) would be sited at an event and played by three experimental musicians.  The venue was Ouse St Arts Club, a space ran by Xsite Architecture and located in Ouseburn, NE6 which consisted of two shipping containers bolted together.



A few days later I met Ed at the venue and took some photos to refer to while I made the work.



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